Benefits of Walking With Sticks.

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It is often a major misconception that walking sticks only benefit the elderly; this couldn’t be farther from the truth. There are numerous and varied benefits to using a walking stick in your daily life or when you are doing hiking or trekking.

Most people don’t even realise the potential advantages walking sticks can bring to their personal life. Many people do use sticks in their everyday lives to get from point A to point B.

Some people even strangely believe that walking sticks only exist for decorative purposes. It’s humorous but at the same time even sad that such a great tool is misunderstood by the people and its effectiveness is not highlighted as it should be.

Walking sticks help people maintain their balance, walk with more confidence and help relieve tension on joints and bones. A properly fitted walking stick can help even the most able-bodied adult achieve maximum health and well being.

Hiking and trekking is fun as it is but adding a walking stick to the mix makes the entire experience even more enjoyable as the user witnesses an entirely different full body workout with less body stress. Using a stick on a hike or leisurely walk helps take the stress off your hips, thighs, back and ankles.

Your muscles and joints can feel weak and sore after a day’s work out. The way walking stick helps your body stay at ease is a proven fact. It redistributes the weight that helps putting lesser tension on your joints and muscles and helps them stay rejuvenated.

A walking stick helps you in other ways apart from just keeping your body relaxed while you’re out. It brings mobility and speed to your outdoor experience. The added “leg” helps propel you up steep inclines and steadies you when you are going downhill.

A walking stick almost works the way ski pole help you move forward when your own body weight has difficulty doing it on its own. The more quick you are on your feet the longer you’ll stay fit during your outing. Think of it this way; the faster you walk the more calories you burn and lifting the stick also helps burn even more calories. That way, walking sticks also add to your strength training routine.

Whether it’s going to the store or just to get around their house and of course when you’re out and about hiking and trekking, walking sticks can help you get objects that seem out of reach and give you added support on tired muscles and tendons.

The most obvious reason why walking sticks are the preferred option for people who use them is to gain greater balance and control. They can help steady you when you feel yourself slipping. They are a prop that when used properly, can maximise your walk or hike, protect you from the elements and propel you to new heights of fitness.


  • I use a walking stick to take pressure off of my back. It works way better than a cane, absolutely love my walking stick

    Virginia Rosa Locklear

  • I use a walking stick to take pressure off of my back. It works way better than a cane, absolutely love my walking stick

    Virginia Rosa Locklear

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    Linda Sammons

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