Are you on the right Trek?

A J Rana

Walking or hiking without poles brings unknown disadvantages but not using them properly or not using the right poles can bring even more disadvantages and can even hurt your body. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right poles and to know how to use them properly.  

Using the right poles and their proper usage helps your body in many ways. It not only works as a support for you to relax your body upon but also scientifically works on the pressure points and brings less physical strain on them so that your body functions better. For example, when you’re hiking, maintaining a suitable posture is one of the most important things so that your body doesn’t get tired. Right poles and their right use enables you to achieve that during your walk. When you’re on long treks and long trails you need to conserve the energy required to last you through your walk and if you have the right sticks and their right use then the endurance factor of your body increases that ultimately helps you stay on for longer times.

Your poles or sticks need to be reliable. If you know that the poles you’re holding are helping you greatly in maintaining your walk properly then it gives you that extra bit of confidence and that feeling keeps you going. Maintaining a proper gait is if not the most important then definitely one of the most important things during your hike. Good poles help you keep your gait the way you would want it.

One more advantage of the poles amongst many others is that when you’re using them it makes you use your upper body muscles which is very important. Using the upper body muscles helps preserve joints all over your body and you can only do that if you’re using poles.

If you’re not a pole person and have had some bad experiences it’s probably because you either don’t have the right poles or it could be that you’re not using them the way they should be used. In that case it’s best advised that you consult a good poles and sticks retailer, seek their advice and choose the right one upon their recommendation and suggestions. You should also ask them to demonstrate how to use them properly.

Buying your poles and sticks from a dedicated retailer bares many advantages because they’re the experts and can advise you best. A good pole retailer would advise you aptly how to use your sticks properly so always make sure that you make a wise buying decision and go to the experts.

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