Hike Safe with Poles

A J Rana

Think about your favourite trail and the beautiful, amazing scenery along the way. As the hiking season is winding down, trails and pathways are crowded with people trying to squeeze in final hiking trips before the weather gets too cold. Each one of us may be exploring for our own reasons but we are all there to reconnect with nature, one step at a time.

Hiking is tons of fun but at the same time can be extremely dangerous. Hikers face problems like serious falls, broken limbs, sprained ankles, nasty cuts and bruises, poison, dehydration, heat strokes and many other horrible scenarios. Accidents happen and we cannot avoid them entirely. There are some, however, that happen due to negligence on the hiker’s part. We often hear of really bad hiking accidents or close calls that could’ve ended badly, but the risk of death or serious injury can be minimised by remaining alert and sensible at all times.

Each and every hiker must hit the trails as thoroughly prepared as possible. Some might think it convenient to eliminate carrying weight and so they shed their load or skip bringing something that could potentially be lifesaving. While carrying weighty bag is a nuisance, it is worth bringing along some basic items. Why not have the peace of mind knowing that you are prepared?  

Walking poles, for example, can be extremely handy if you’re facing certain rough or unknown terrain. A basic first aid kit can prove to be useful if you get injured out in nature. Other items such as a compass, rope, carbines and a whistle could make the difference in emergency situations. Get a big and strong enough bag that can fit everything that you know you might need.

Nearly every hiker has a favourite hack for staying safe while trekking, but there are some general guidelines that everyone must adhere to in order to minimise the risk of getting into trouble in the first place. A journey out in nature is meant to be enjoyable, not troublesome.

In the next post in this series on hiking safety, we will provide you some tips that will help you stay safe on the trek. These tips will have you thinking about your own actions and behaviour and, hopefully, make you better prepared to be safe on the trails. So until next time, happy hiking and be safe.

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